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Best Magnetic Gun Mount for Your Car in 2023: Discover the Best Options

A magnetic gun mount will add an extra level to carrying firearms. Again, when it comes to carrying arms in the car, a good magnetic gun mount has no alternative. A gun mount will allow you to give mobility and fast reach to your firearms in any danger or threat to eliminate the threat within the fastest time. In addition, a well-look gun mount will add an extra degree to your style and classiness.

Whenever you think of picking a gun mount for a car, many aspects like price, size, look, accessibility, security, durability, availability, and so on will make you suffer. We made this easy for you to pick the best magnetic gun mount for your car. We analyzed all the mentioned aspects and sorted out the best magnetic gun mount for a car for you. Let’s dive deep into the article on – ‘Best Magnetic Gun Mount for Your Car ‘

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05 Best Magnetic Gun Mount For Car

To make your way easy to pick the most suitable gun mount for your car, here is a short list of gun mounts we picked for you with the price and capacity. 

To visit the product page, read customer reviews, and see prices, or to proceed to the list of magnets, click on the name.

The rubber-coated powerful magnets of KEEPER MG Gun Magnet hold the firearms without generating any scratches. The overall design and setting are highly suitable to fix in a car as a gun mount. This concealed magnetic gun mount will provide will provide safety and protection.

This mount is rated to 35 ponds and accumulate any small arms you want in your car easily. The strong magnet of the Keeper MG Gun Magnet will give a string and stable hold to your gun. The versatility of the design of the gun mount will allow you to mount a wide range of guns, such as firearms, handguns, shotguns, pistons etc.


  • Item Dimensions‎: ‎6.89 x 4.49 x 0.98 inches
  • Package Weight: ‎0.25 Kilograms
  • Pull Force: ‎35 pounds
  • Maximum capacity : 5 kg‎
  • Material : ‎Rubber‎

This gun magnet attachment has a strong magnet supporting up to 45 lbs. Strong enough to hold your rifle even when traveling over bumpy or pothole-filled roads.

It won’t become demagnetized, tumble, or droopily slide off the mount.And if you want an even higher level of protection and security, buy two magnetic holders to install bigger weapons like shotguns, automatic rifles, large magazines, and hunting rifles.

This is made with robust and premium Neodymium magnets and a contemporary design and is made to last. A substantial rubber cover is included r to guard against damage or scratching on your firearms.

  • Item Dimensions‎: 5.55 x 3.5 x 0.75 inches
  • Package Weight:  ‎‎‎‎0.16 Kilograms
  • Pull Force: ‎30.5  Pounds
  • Maximum capacity : 5 kg‎
  • Material : ‎Rubber

The DD has been modified based on the previous model, considerably enhancing security. The unique structure and design and excellent magnets made this magnetic mount unique.

Simple installation ways will allow you to mount the magnet in your desired suitable places. The four colloidal particles will better cover the rapid draw anywhere, including in a car, house, business, etc., when they enter the wall to expand. We believe this one is one of the best for cars. You can Place the firearm in storage with no rounds in the chamber.

To load the chamber, simply palm the rifle and move it forward if you’ve ever been in a scenario where you had to use your gun immediately but didn’t want to keep it loaded.


  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: ‎4.84 x 3.07 x 1.38 inches
  • Package Weight:  ‎‎‎4.9 ounces
  • Pull Force: ‎30.5  Pounds
  • Maximum capacity : 7kg

We have been quite satisfied with the Stinger Magnetic Gun Mount, a flexible and dependable alternative for storing firearms. This mount provides a safe and practical solution to storing your handguns or revolvers, thanks to its potent neodymium magnets and sturdy construction. 

The Stinger Magnetic Gun Mount’s incorporated trigger guard protection is one of its most notable features. This essential safety option ensures that your gun is protected from any unexpected discharges, which gives you mental peace, especially if you prefer to store your gun unloaded or live in a home with children. 

The accompanying hardware and simple installation instructions make installation a pleasure. Due to the mount’s adaptability may be mounted in various places, including your desk, a wall, and even your car. To avoid having to search through drawers or holsters to find your gun when needed, it firmly keeps your rifle in place.


  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: ‎5.28 x 4.25 x 1.93 inches
  • Package Weight:  ‎‎0.21 Kilograms
  • Material: ‎rubber
  • Pull Force: ‎28 Pounds
  • Number of Pieces : 2

The accessibility and storage of firearms have never been better, thanks to this magnetic gun mount. The magnet is powerful enough to hold any handguns firmly in place without any sway or movement.

With all the necessary components included in the package, installation was a breeze.
GMW Gun Magnet Mount is popular in the gun fans for it’s wide range of usability to grip a range of weapons, such as pistols and shotguns.

The additional Buckler Concealed Holster is a great bonus since it offers ease and safety for concealed carry. For home defense, it is crucial that it be covert and simple to use.

  • Item Dimensions L x W x H:   ‎5.83 x 2.44 x 0.63 inches
  • Package Weight:  ‎0.05 Kilograms
  • Material: ‎tpu
  • Pull Force: ‎30 Pounds
  • Number of Pieces : 2


Firearm magnets, moreover known as gun magnets or magnetic gun mounts, are gadgets planned to safely hold guns in place for storage, show, or fast ‘access. These magnets are ordinarily made of solid neodymium magnets encased in a defensive lodging, and they come in different shapes and sizes to suit different sorts of guns. Here are a few common sorts of gun magnets:

1. Single Gun Magnet:  These are little, compact magnets planned to hold a single handgun, more often than not for concealed storage beneath work areas, racks, or interior cabinets.

2. Multi-Gun Magnet:   Multi-gun magnets are bigger and stronger than single-gun magnets, competent of holding different handguns or a combination of handguns and magazines. They are regularly utilized in weapon safes or on walls for speedy get to.

3. Long Gun Magnet:   Long gun magnets are bigger and outlined to hold rifles or shotguns. They give a secure way to store long weapons on walls, interior safes, or in vehicles.

4. Car Gun Magnet:  These magnets are outlined to be mounted interior vehicles, making it simple to carry a gun in a car or truck for self-defense whereas on the street.

5. Under-Desk Gun Magnet:  These are particularly planned to mount beneath a work area or a table, permitting for cautious and speedy access to a handgun in an office or domestic office setting.

6.  Bedside Gun Magnet:  Bedside firearms magnets are planning for mounting on or close a bed outline, giving simple access to a gun for domestic defense whereas in bed.

7.  Magnetic Holster:  A few weapon magnets are planned to work as a holster substitution, permitting you to connect your handgun straightforwardly to the magnet for concealed carry or fast get to.

8.  Gun Secure Magnet:  These are utilized interior weapon safes to assist organize and secure guns in put, avoiding them from moving or scratching each other.

9.  Portable Gun Magnet:   Versatile weapon magnets are little and lightweight, planned for carrying concealed handguns on your individual or in a sack. They frequently come with straps or clips for simple connection.

10.  Quick-Release Gun Magnet:  These magnets have a instrument for rapidly discharging the gun when required, giving a more quick get to choice for self-defense circumstances.

When choosing a gun magnet, it’s basic to consider the sort of gun you proposed to store or carry, the area where you arrange to mount it, and the quality of the magnet to guarantee that it can safely hold the gun in put. Furthermore, continuously prioritize security and appropriate gun taking care of when utilizing gun magnets.


All the gun magnets mentioned above has specific features to cover. You have to check the features of the magnets to ensure that the magnet you are going to buy will work for you. Here are the most common features of best magnetic gun mount are  mentioned bellow.

Holding Strength 

Holding strength of a magnetic gun mount is a crucial feature to consider. While buying a gun magnet you have to confirm that the gun will not fall down from the magnet in full magazine loaded condition. A car always go on rough and tough roads which creates a lots of vibration and jerking. If the holding strength of the gun mount is poor then the gun will fall down from the mount in a slight jerk of the car. So its better to choose such a gun mount which can bear almost twice of the weight of the gun.

Scratch Resistance 

As while taking the gun from mount and keep it back to the mount will always generate friction between the gun mount surface and the gun barrel surface. So if the mount surface is not made of a scratch resistant metal then there will be scratches on the gun  mount surface which will effect the outlook and magnetism of the mount in the long run.

Accessory Compatibility

The compatibility of the gun and magnet is mandatory. A few magnets can’t be utilized with electric lamps, lasers, night sights, etc. Make it beyond any doubt that the magnet you’re considering won’t prevent your utilization of required accessories or require you to modify your setup.

Mounting Facility

While selecting a weapon magnet, it is pivotal to find out your planned mounting area, the required strategy of weapon arrangement, and the maximum weight of the gun you expected to mount. It is basic to prioritize simple accessibility to the weapon without the need for delayed looking to locate the grip.

You’ll be surprised to know that various magnetic gun mount have the capacity to support not only the weight of handguns but also Short-Barreled Rifles (SBRs), full rifles, and even certain shotguns. This broadens the range of choices accessible to people centered on domestic defense.

Choosing the Best magnetic Gun Mount for Your Car

Safety of the Gun

Once you’ve confirmed that your guns won’t drop off the mount unexpectedly in vibration or jerk, another vital step is to ensure their security from accidental discharge. This is especially crucial if you have children in your home or prefer not to keep a loaded weapon at all times. Consider adding a trigger guard protection system or a quickdraw option to ensure security and comfort. These additions will help make your weapon capacity more secure and user-friendly.


Consider the availability and easy access of your gun. Many gun mount brands are there that offer versatile gun mount options. These multiple options will allow you to mount the gun at different levels. These numerous options will allow you to mount the gun in various places according to your comfort, such as beside your bed, under the steering wheel of the car or even under your desk in your workstation.

Installation Facility

Nearly all of the best magnetic gun mounts for cars require you to make drill holes for installation. If you don’t like that procedure, you can use double-sided tape to attach the mount. Ensure that you’re using an industrial-type of tape that can immovably hold the mount. To enhance the security, screwing it on the surface is the finest choice you can do. 



Below Seat.

Under a car seat is another convenient spot to find materials. Although installing an under-the-car-seat mount may require a specialist, it can be a discrete solution to keep your firearm close at hand.

Long guns and SBRs.

Mounting and concealing long guns can be more difficult, but it’s not impossible. Short-barreled rifles and AR pistols are small enough to place on the back of the passenger seat while still being concealable with a rear-seat gun rack. The driver can still access the pistol, but it is no longer visible from the front of the automobile. Another alternative is to put these shorter long guns to the left of the passenger-side seat, making it simple for the driver to access the weapon by merely extending his arm over the center console.

Center Console.

 A vehicle has multiple mounting positions. For right-handed shooters, keeping a pistol next to the center console is most practical.

Mounting doors. 

For their strong hand to hold the gun first, left-handed folks may need to put a gun on their car door. It takes more than a few screws to attach the magnet mount to your car. A faster draw is made possible by canting a pistol’s frame to present a more natural grip. Therefore, the magnet must be set in a way that facilitates ergonomic orientations. Ensure the gun is mounted within easy reach so you don’t have to waste time looking for the pistol’s frame when needed.

Under Seat.

Under a car seat is another convenient spot to find materials. Although installing an under-the-car-seat mount may require a specialist, it can be a discrete solution to keep your firearm close at hand. The driver can still access the pistol, but it is no longer visible from the front of the automobile.

Another alternative is to put these shorter, long guns to the left of the passenger-side seat, making it simple for the driver to access the weapon by extending his arm over the center console.


Magnetic Gun Mount Pricing

The cost of magnetic gun mounts can vary significantly based on a number of variables, including the mount’s brand, size, strength, and other features. To give you an idea of the price range, here it is:

Budget: Entry-level magnetic gun mounts, made to hold a single firearm, often cost between $10 and $20. These mounts often have a lower weight capacity and are smaller.

Mid-Range: You should budget between $20 and $50 for multi-gun mounts or mounts made to carry bigger guns like rifles or shotguns. These mid-range solutions are typically more sturdy and adaptable.


Premium Price: Premium magnetic gun mounts can cost $50 or more and feature quick-release mechanisms, cutting-edge materials, and outstanding robustness. These magnetic gun mounts are made for heavy-duty use and could also include extra features like inbuild holsters or adjustable angles.


It is to be remembered that brand’s reputation, the quality of the product and any special features or warranties provided will always have an impact on the pricing. Always prioritize  your unique requirements, the size and weight of your firearms, and also your budget while selecting a magnetic gun mount  for your car or domestic purpose.



Through a meticulous procedure that focuses security, usability, and user happiness, our suggestions for magnetic gun mounts were carefully chosen. We started by looking into a variety of reliable companies’ magnetic gun mounts, taking into account things like magnet strength, weight capacity, and adaptability. To evaluate realtime performance and dependability, we also looked at expert comments and consumer testimonials. There is a suitable solution in our selections for every user because they cover a wide range of possibilities to accommodate various firearm models and mounting preferences. To make recommendations that give fair value for the features and quality they bring, we also took cost into consideration. At the end of the day, we want to help consumers make decisions that will improve firearm storage and accessibility while always prioritizing safety. Finally, our aim is to assist users in making right decisions to choose firearm storage and accessibility while giving importance to safety at all times.


What is a TAC magnet?

TAC magnet is a type of magnet constructed with sintered Neodymium, used to hold weapons up to 30 lbs securely. This type of magnet can be mounted both parallel way and perpendicularly. This magnet is suitable for mounting almost all types of guns like shotguns, handguns, CCWS, pistols, etc.

Do magnets affect guns?

Normally, the mounting magnet is not such intense that it will have any magnetizing effect on the gun. Again, the bullets are made of nonmagnetic metals like lead, copper etc. So, rarely, magnets may have any affects on guns.

What is a good size for a car magnet?

The ideal size for a car magnet mainly depends on a few things, like the size of the arms, the space in the car and the place you want to mount the magnet.

Are magnetic mounts safe?

Yes, magnetic mount are safe to use.

Do magnets effect bullets?

Bullets are usually made of nonmagnetic metals like copper and lead. Bullets do not have a magnetic effect. Still, if the magnetism is so powerful and the bullet material stays there for years after years, then the bullets may slightly show magnetic behavior.

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