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User Interface
brilliant directories lifetime deal

If you want to promote your business or service, you must be ready to invest time and effort to find the right audience. Your business directory and website will help you do that. Creating a website and business directory can help your business grow. These directories are useful for several reasons. First, they provide a platform for promoting your product or service. Second, they can be used to find new customers. Third, they can be used as a guide for existing customers to use when making purchasing decisions. These websites and directories can also be used for marketing purposes. Brilliant Directories will help you to count and maintain your memebers, subcriptions, website maintaining, review and so on. You will get all in one platform.

What is brilliant directories?

Brilliant Directories is an excellent platform for business owners to maintain revenue, members, clients, earnings, communications, etc., through their website. Brilliant Directories will allow you to see all those within the same platform, providing a straightforward and user-friendly directory interface with a minimal subscription.Brilliant is a leading online directory for the local search industry. Our company has been helping businesses in all industries find their ideal customers since 2006. We pride ourselves on providing high quality listings, useful tools, and great customer support. We also offer a free trial period if you would like to see what we are all about.Brilliant Directories provide a number of different products and solutions, including:Local Search Marketing – Get your business listed in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yext for the most competitive prices around.Directory Listing Management – Set up, manage, and maintain your own paid listing or create a listing template that can be used by anyone else.

Table of Contents


A directory software that is this comprehensive has never existed. Our script comes with all the necessary resources to help you establish your online directory quickly.

Design & Branding


Professional Directory Themes

You can construct professional directory and membership websites quickly with more than a dozen top-rated themes to select from. Custom logos, photos, text, and branding components make it simple to add your own distinctive touch. Each theme comes with powerful tools and critical features to power your complete online community.

Upload Your Own Company Logo

You should be able to accurately and quickly brand your website with your own corporate logos and photos—all you have to do is submit your image files—even though Brilliant Directories’ branding will never appear on it.

Simple Design Settings

It’s simple to adjust the layout, appearance, and feel of your directory website, regardless of your level of programming expertise. Thanks to simple design settings, you may modify colors, alter font styles, and even change the homepage layout with only one click.


Real-Time Design Editor

Make it yourself with simple real-time design editing. You will have a great deal of control over your website with the straightforward point-and-click design options, and the Live Design Tool allows you real-time editing capabilities to change colors, fonts, menus, and more. No technical expertise is required!

Include Your Social Media Links

It’s crucial to make use of social media’s ability to share content. Because of this, we’ve made it simpler than ever to link your Brilliant Directories website and social network profiles together.

Personalized Main Menu Dropdowns

Ditch the hassle of manually hardcoding a dropdown menu with submenus. With simple drag and drop placement settings, Brilliant Directories makes the process of modifying your website’s menu and generating dropdown menus simple and understandable.

Personalized Main Menu Dropdowns

Ditch the hassle of manually hardcoding a dropdown menu with submenus. With simple drag and drop placement settings, Brilliant Directories makes the process of modifying your website’s menu and generating dropdown menus simple and understandable

Real-Time Design Editor

Member Management

Pages for Member Profiles that Change

Each of your members, both personally and professionally, will have a public profile page on your website. To rank well in search engines, profile pages are automatically and dynamically optimized. Visitors can contact members, post reviews, and contribute information about themselves to your members’ profiles.

Dashboard for Self-Service Members

While your members handle their own accounts, streamline your management duties and concentrate on the expansion of your website. Members may change their subscriptions, lead and review tracking, contact information, contribute material, and more.

Make membership bundles

Create as many free and paid membership tiers as you like. Charge members on a monthly, annual, or even biannual basis! Control member access with more than 40 customizable privileges and limitations to highlight the advantages of each membership level.

Bring in new users to your website

Existing members can easily be imported as a CSV file to your new website. Additionally, you may geocode your members, import profile photographs, and filter members into predetermined categories during import.

Create Your Own Member Form Fields

Boost SEO ranks by giving users the option to expand their listings. The member pages of your directory are very helpful and instructive since you can choose what information you want your members to enter.

Payment Processing


Recurring Payments Are Automated

It’s simple to produce passive recurring income from paying customers. Create various membership tiers, each with their own costs, benefits, and requirements. In less than 60 seconds, a new membership level with a distinct price can be created!

Manage Refunds, Subscriptions, and More.

You are able to do more with the integrated payment processing capabilities than only collect money. Create buy pages for extra goods and services, start or stop member subscriptions, and manage refunds.

Handling of Past-Due Payments

Not everyone is always able to pay bills on time. With the integrated tools for managing past-due payments, you can quickly identify past-due members and collect unpaid sums to boost income.

One-Click Upgrades for Members

Your users can easily upgrade to more expensive membership plans whenever they want for extra features that you establish with just one click. The member’s old membership plan will automatically end, and their new subscription plan will begin right away.

Obtaining and Selling Leads to Members

Your website will draw people who want to get in touch with your members; these visitors are known as “leads.” Many leads will be generated by your website, which you can sell to your members. Members will be glad to pay a reasonable amount for the chance to acquire new clients.

Sell extra goods and services

You can make landing pages to sell additional goods and services using one-time pay transactions. Additionally, you can offer members the option to join your website for a single one-time fee if you’d rather not sell monthly or yearly membership packages. In either case, this function transforms your directory into a digital till. Sell E-books, downloads, and a lot more!

Lead-Gen Tools

Easy Lead Generation

Everything you require to create leads for your directory is included straight out of the box with Brilliant Directories! With simple and appealing forms, you can rapidly sell leads to your members and generate leads right away.

The Basic Leads Package, which comes with all Brilliant Directories websites for free, is highlighted in this video playlist.

Manual + Automated Matching

a platform for lead matching that is clear and simple to use. By selling them leads, you may assist your members in obtaining the clients they want. Managing referrals is a fantastic method to build relationships with your customers and provide a ton of value to your users.

Simple for Members to Buy Another source of income! While assisting your users in their search, you may also earn money. It’s simple to sell worthwhile leads to your clientele. Your members will be happy to know they are making a wise investment in their purchase.

Front-end Management That’s Easy

With a strong yet user-friendly administrative interface, Brilliant Directories has created a new method for administering your company. With these excellent management tools, you can take your company to a whole new level.



If you already have a registered domain, all you have to do to connect it to your Brilliant Directories website is point your domain’s nameservers in our direction. Brilliant Directories supports all domain extensions,,,,.org,.gov,.me, and more!



Daily Exports & Backups

Brilliant Directories automatically creates daily backups of the files and data uploaded to your website once every 24 hours. Backups can be quickly downloaded at any time from your admin dashboard. If necessary, you can upgrade to extended backups, which will keep daily data backups for 14 days.


SSL Protection

SSL security is present on your Brilliant Directories website’s checkout and signup pages. This safeguards private consumer data, including passwords, credit card numbers, and more. With our Managed SSL Security add-on, Brilliant Directories additionally provides SSL security certificates to safeguard your entire website. A safe and secure website depends on SSL Certificates. It safeguards sensitive information on your website during online transactions, increasing client confidence and generating more purchases.


Open-Source Network

You will always have access to the FRONTEND SOURCE CODE that runs your website as a website administrator, giving you complete control! Through our protected closed-source network in the BACKEND ADMIN PANEL of the Brilliant Directories program, we maintain cutting-edge security, making it more difficult to identify flaws.

Attempt Protection for Login

IP address tracking and failed login protection are only two of the many security measures offered. The IP addresses of visitors are noted so you can monitor who is doing what on your website. After multiple failed login attempts, the system can then lock users out of your website, preventing unauthorized access and password guessing.



Multi-Site Administration

The admin panel makes it simple to manage several sites. If your admin account is connected to many websites, an additional menu link will show up in the navigation menu, allowing you to switch between all of your connected websites with a single click. You can also copy a website you’ve already built if you ever want to.

brilliant directories themes

Find Service Providers

The top business directory themes for B2B and B2C websites that cater to particular industries. Give website users the ability to locate, get in touch with, and be matched with your professional members as leads.
POPULAR INDUSTRIES Cleaning services, pet care, legal services, insurance, wedding services, and more.

Local City Directory Themes

Make a business directory for your neighborhood or local area. With directory themes that are optimized for communities, you can publish local listings, hot spots, bargains, events, news, and more.



Travel guides, Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor websites, local community directories, and more.

Membership Themes

Simplify chores for your complete member organization, including easy setup, member management, event posting, news publication, emailing, and more.
Chamber of Commerce, Alumni, Parent-Teacher, Political, Non-Profits, Foundation, Charities, Religious Institution, and More Groups Using These Themes


Classifieds & Real Estate Listings

Permit users to publish material directly to your website, such as job postings, open homes, classified advertisements, and real estate listings. List the goods and real estate you wish to buy, rent, or sell.


Numerous websites, including Craigslist, Zillow, OfferUp, Nextdoor, Eventbrite, Kijiji, Indeed, RetailMeNot, RedFin, and others

brilliant directories pricing

Brilliant directories offers three price plans. But i always prefer to take the lifetime deal.

brilliant directories add-ons

Brilliant Difrectories provides 75+ Premium Add-Ons to Boost Revenue & Member Sign Ups. You can also join vip adon clubs for a huge discount. brilliant directories add-ons will enetertain you with all the mentioned features bellow 

Add-on Feature Increase Sign Ups & UpgradesAdd-on Feature Better User Experiences
Add-on Feature More Revenue OpportunitiesAdd-on Feature Rank Better in Google
Add-on Feature Improved Website AutomationAdd-on Feature More Than 90% Savings!


Brilliant directories is a one way solution  for your business. By using this platform you can smoothly monitor, control and calculate your revenue, memebers, subscribers and so all. Also you can avail secured hosting services. From the collected directories you can generate leads in future. So, grab your perfect brilliant directores deal today.



  •  All in one platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • variety of themes
  • secured hosting service
  • easy to manage and track


  • A bit expensive

brilliant directories reviews

John Doe
John Doe@johnde35
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The secret to eventually earning internet profits was Brilliant Directories. The BD platform was undoubtedly developed by experts in the directory industry that are dedicated to provide a top-notch solution. You owe it to yourself to try out BD if you're serious about your company's success.
Vincent H
Vincent H@vincenthanry
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For more than 20 years, I have worked with a variety of directory web systems, including WordPress, 6Cube, SEOSamba, and others. I learned about Brilliant Directories around three years ago, and I've since created 10 directories. One of the key components of a strong platform, in my opinion, is that the websites and pages are Google friendly straight out of the box.
John Doe
John Doe@username
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