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User Interface

Researching keyword is a must for anyone related to web development or even any business holder who is having a connected rope with the web or any website. But free keyword research tools do not have enough power so can’t explain or research a keyword as deeply as paid tools can. Among the paid tools SEMRUSH, MOZ, HREFS, etc are the most popular but the expense and high pricing plans made these tools difficult to use for the small business holder or even the entrepreneur.  To resolve all the problems DINORANK is there in the market. From my own user experience, I can say it is one of the best keyword research tools which can beat any other tools in the market in the aspect of features, pricing, plans, and the capabilities to go deep. DINORANK is available in Appsumo with a lifetime deal at 69$ with all the pro features for a limited time. Grab your DINORANK lifetime deal today.The keyword is known as the spinal cord of any website. So, a well-researched keyword works just magic for any website to rank. Again, you need to know what strategies or keyword is traced or followed by your opponent. As a smaller business holder or starter or even for an affiliate marketer it’s mandatory to research keywords to optimize his website for the right keywords. The free available keyword research tools are not perfectly capable enough to do so. Again the paid tools are highly expensive for the starter. So, a reliable, powerful but affordable keyword research tool with sufficient features was highly required in the web market for the developers.Taking all these into account   DINORANK came to fulfill the desire of the developer with various features and well-analyzing capability but just within an affordable price. The lifetime deal of DINORANK is also available in Appsumo.


Dinorank is a keyword research platform with an economical cost for any digital professional. DINORANK knows the best functionalities that a keyword analyzing tool must contain to give the perfect optimal results. After researching the paid keyword tools market compared to features DINORANK is improved and published their affordable pricing for all. DINORANK focused mainly on two things 

User-friendliness – DINORANK is made in such a way so that people from any profession of any age can easily use the Dinorank interface in a fully professional and autonomous way.

Affordable pricing- DINORANK pricing is fixed in an affordable range that anyone from a beginner level or a startup entrepreneur can access this platform. Avail dinorank appsumo lifetime deal today!


position tracking :

By using DINORANK you will have control over the movement and ranking position of your targeted keywords in Google Search results. You will also get a complete graph of your competitor’s position for a similar keyword by using the Dinorank Position Tracking Feature.

It’s basic that you can’t improve your position until you know about your position aspect of others. You will be able to monitor and record the exact position changes your competitor is making on your targeted keywords in search engines. Your competitors are tracking you while you are doing the same to them! You will get your own dashboard which shows a graph of the exact position of your keyword in different search engines. I would recommend this product to the person who wants to learn about keyword tracking, ranking tracking, or even SEO tracking.

How Position Tracking Works

1. keyword evolution graph

you can check sudden changes and figure out what’s wrong and fix it quickly.

  • It shows how the positions of keywords change in Google’s search results.
  • Each column is a page of results, and the height of the column tells you the number of keywords on the page
  • You can go back a week at a time to see how it changed.


2. keyword tracking table

there are many options available in this part of the tool which are very useful

First of all, add the words you want to be in charge of.
The tool tells you if those keywords are being used by other sites or not.
The calendar will help you to find out what has happened in a certain amount of time or if an update has affected you.
You can mark the keywords you want to control the most.
You can copy all the keywords you need for your reports to the clipboard.
The table shows you which keywords rise and which ones fall by rank
You can see the real competition for the domains you are competing with for keywords and take them to the Visibility module for more analysis.
You can download a CSV file with all of the table’s data or a PDF file.
You can group keywords and URLs to make sure they are all ranking for the keyword you want.
You can add notes to each graph for your future trace of that keyword.
It will show you how that keyword has changed over time on both your computer and your phone.

Shows how many searches were done for the current position, the previous day, the best position reached, and the position at the start of the project.
You can set up alerts to let you know when your keywords change, so you won’t be surprised and can take the steps you want.

Keyword Research Feature

This feature will help you to find the less competitive keyword with a nice volume. Using the keywords on the on-page and off-page SEO of your site will help you to rank your website or your client’s website higher fast. Dinorank helps you optimize your seo by providing you the best keywords.


How Keyword Research works.

1. Enter the desired keyword you want to research – country, language

2. Dinorank will show you a list of keywords related to your input keyword. The list will contain search volume, CPC, trend, competition etc

3.  You can pick any keyword from the list and continue researching.

The keywords’ (potential) seasonality may be examined, allowing for more concentrated marketing efforts at peak times. The derivative keywords (long tail) may also be viewed; Long tail keywords may have lower search traffic but will be much simpler to rank for.


On-page SEO audit :

Find mistakes and ways to make your website better, and improve its organic ranking with DinoRank on Page SEO feature. With DinoRANK’s SEO on-page audit, you’ll get a list of the mistakes you need to fix or improve to bring more visitors to your website, blog, or e-commerce site and save time. This is how dinorank helps you optimize your article.

How SEO on page audit works

1. The first step is to select the project you want to audit.

2. A chart will appear in front of you where you will find the topics on which your sites need to improve.

3.  you will be able to see the title, H1, information about meta robots etc.

4. you can also download a pdf copy of the total audit report for your client or your further use.

internal linking feature

Using DinoRANK, you can make the perfect internal linking strategy for Google and your users. Internal linking will help the visitors to find their desired content fast and also makes search engines understand that about what the page is. Building a good strategy for internal linking will ensure more organic traffic and improve your digital marketing. In DinoRank you will find  Internal Links and Internal Pagerank features together which will help you to find out if the way your website links to itself is right or not. So, DinoRANK made is easy to make a good interlinking architecture for your site.

Keeping a perfect interlinking architecture will fruit in many ways like –

It will provide a better user experience for the visitors
If you set up a good content hierarchy, you can post the relevant content accordingly which will improve the positioning
Will make the page or URL easier for google to understand what the page or post is all about.

How Internal Linking works

1. select your targeted project and click on the interlinking option

2. A graph of balls will appear where the center is the home page and the smaller balls are the visual representation of the connectivity of other posts through interlinking.

3. In the URL list you can see all the available links to your site. You can also analyze any URL and page rank by this feature 

TF*IDF feature

The TF*IDF and prominence feature of DinoRANK helps you make content or improve the premade content so that it ranks in Google based on the keywords your similar competitors are using. we all already know that Google is getting better at figuring out what words are related to a keyword and giving them more weight. Again, your content will be also more informative and detailed. 

One thing to mention is that no other available SEO suite on the market has TF*IDF and prominence features, plus all the other features that DinoRANK has.

How to use the Dinorank TF*IDF feature

There are two ways to use this feature. 

1. For Making new content:

put a keyword and DinoRank will tell you what other related keywords by using you can compete with other similar ranked sites.

2. For improving created content:

Enter a keyword or a URL (either yours or any other) into the search engine box. The list of results tells you if your keyword or words that are semantically related to it are already in the content and how many times are they used.

Even if your URL or post is among the first results, still you have a chance to improve your content and rank even higher. Google is always working, and your competitors are also.

cannibalization with DinoRANK

you can Improve your site authority by Finding and getting rid of cannibalism with DinoRANK.
we all already know that website won’t rank well if more than one page is ranked or optimized for the same keyword. Cannibalization happens when two URLs are optimized and ranked for the same keyword and compete with each other. So, you should periodically review and check your site to avoid cannibalization. This is a very common mistake by web developers which will decrease the google ranking of the site.

If you don’t fix the cannibalizations in your content then it will confuse Google, which will impact the authority of your website or online store. It will also confuse your users, which means the number of visitors will go down. DinoRank Cannibalizations feature finds all the ways of cannibalization of your website or online store and tells you how to fix them.

How the Cannibalizations function works

  • Initial screen.
  • Cannibalization screen.

DinoRANK looks for cannibalization on your website or in your e-commerce and gives you advice on how to fix it.

Visibility and Competition feature

The Visibility feature shows the keywords for which of your competitors are ranking in the SERPs and how is their progress, so you can plan your digital marketing.

How to use the visibility feature in DinoRank

1. Enter the targeted domain you want to analyze and select the country

2. List of keywords positioned for the domain

Thin Content Detecting Feature

The Thin Content feature will help you to find duplicate or low-quality content or articles and fix it so that Google doesn’t lower your position in the SERPs.Normally, Thin content means content that seems poor to google and as well as to visitors. So, thin content doesn’t get much traffic, so it hurts your site, niche, or online store’s ranking on google.

How DinoRANK’s Thin Content Detection feature works

1. Enter the dates on the calendar when there wasn’t much organic traffic.

2. A list of URLs that haven’t been visited in that time frame.

There are three ways to solve the thin content problem:

  • Send the visitors to a different URL with similar content
  • Add words that are related to what the user was looking for in a way that makes sense.
  • don’t forget to use WDF*DF and Prominence to improve the quality of the content.
  • You can also get rid of it by redirecting it to a URL where the content has been improved or by not keeping it in google indexing.

External Linking Management

 to improve the ranking of any website, you must be careful of external linking. Mismanagement of external linking may cause harm to the positioning of your site on google. That’s why it’s so important to have a natural, well-thought-out plan for backlinks so that the search engine will help you improve your ranking and bring more visitors to your website, blog, or eCommerce site. It’s important to monitor the sites that are sending you link juice, making sure they aren’t harmful to your site, and disavowing them from Google. Track your external links smartly with DinoRANK’s External Link Management feature.

How the External Link Management feature works

  • in the external link management feature, you will come to see the visual statistics graph of all the external links received by your site.

  • this feature will also inform you of the data about each link mentioned below:  

-URL from

-URL to

-Anchor text

-Whether they are – do follow or not

You can avoid harmful external links for your site by using all the data from this feature.

Who can use DinoRank :

Anyone related to its platform who need to research keyword or web development can use Dinorank to mark the best keyword, link structure, and all at very affordable costing. DinoRank can be used by –

  • SEO agencies
  • Niche Builders
  • SEO Consultant
  • Web Designer
  • E-commerce enterpreneur
  • Marketing Manager
  • SEO writer or copywriter

Pricing : 

DinoRankprovides 3 pricing plans – STARTER PLAN, PRO PLAN, BUSINESS PLAN

Again you can avail yourself of these plan in monthly and as well as yearly ways. But The yearly subscription will save more money off you.

But the DINORANK lifetime deal is available in APPSUMO only at 89$ for a very limited time.

dinorank appsumo lifetime deal

APPSUMO is offering a Dinorank lifetime deal for 89$ only for a very limited time.

PLANS AND Features Of Dinorank Lifetime Deal

PLANS in dinorank lifetime deal

Lifetime access to DinoRANK

All future Pro Plan updates

No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you

You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase

Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers

GDPR compliant

Only for new DinoRANK users who do not have existing accounts

FEATURES included in all plans

Unlimited domains

Geolocalized tracking

Real search

External linking management

White-label reports

Tracking positions

SEO audit

Semantic prominence

Internal Pagerank

Internal linking

Backlink management


At APPSUMO, first-time buyers get a discount of 10%. Once more, being a plus member will grant you a permanent 10% off coupon used for any tool purchase.


SEMRUSH: SEMRUSH is one of the best popular keyword research tools. But as a starter or beginner, it will be so tough for anyone to bear the expense of SEMRUSH. The starting price of SEMRUSH starts 199$ PER month. Again Dinorank is only 89$ for a lifetime. So, undoubtedly Dinorank will be the best alternative to SEMRUSH for a beginner with lots of features at an affordable cost.

AHREFS: Ahrefs is one of the best keyword research tools for marketers. This tool is also not affordable for beginners or for poor starters. as Dinorank covers all the features of Ahrefs so that it can be an alternative to Ahrefs also. Pricing of Ahrefs starts with a range of 99 usd per month to 999 USD per month.

Pros & Cons

  • Most affordable in Price
  • Anyone can use beacuse of easy interface
  • Powerful analytical capability
  • Many features
  • Not available in all language
  • Used features should be more in depth


John Doe
John Doe@doe34
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You can't do SEO without the information that DinoRANK gives you. It has made our work at the agency much better, both in terms of on-page SEO and in terms of seeing how our clients are doing and how well each resource is doing. The biggest benefit is that with a simple analysis, you can see all the problems on a page. It also helps us keep track of where keywords are ranking and find out the CPC, CPC, and competition for each keyword.
Paula Donnan
Paula Donnan@donnan3
Read More
The information provided by DinoRANK has helped me organize my website so that the content that most interests me receives the highest PageRank and the most clicks. I didn't realize until recently how crucial it was to properly distribute interlinks within my projects. In order to monitor the effectiveness of this Suite's efforts to enhance my website's visibility, I often review position tracking. My website's rankings for the most relevant and useful keywords for my projects have been raised. Using the graphic and straightforward interface of DinoRANK, I was able to improve the SEO On Page of my website, add more content by researching my competitors, and conduct an audit from 0 to 100 that compares well with much more expensive crawlers and/or SEO tools.
Raquel García
Raquel García@taisa
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It has made it much simpler to discover new keywords to position for and to keep track of what I was already positioning for across my various projects. Almost every day, I dedicate time to researching keywords for use in my own and my clients' projects. regularly or nearly every day. The audit is a vital tool for me, both when pitching to new clients and when monitoring the progress of ongoing projects. The visibility feature is also fantastic. To spy on competitor keyword data without having to enter their Google Search Console. My traffic to my primary website has increased and I am now ranking for some great keywords. Even though I haven't spent any money on external links yet, I'm seeing decent organic traffic growth on a new project I launched with simply a focus on internal links and some basic content optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) tasks including keyword research, site audits, and visibility checks are simplified using DinoRANK.


Most frequent questions and answers

As a SEO and keyword analysis tool Dinorank is the most affordable tool with great power covering all the features available in the market in the others high expensive tools. so undoubtedly you can go for it.

Obiously! The featured and the upcoming features all are included in the appsumo dinorank lifetime deal.

In the Dinorank lifetime deal you can be retured upto 60 days without any hassel.

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