Premium Grammarly review 2022 : Why the Paid Option Works Best

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grammarly review
User Interface
grammarly review

Grammarly made it easy for us to write English. Its amaizing feauture, easy user interface and correction accuracy has taken it to another level .So, i am going to have some in brief talk about grammarly and this artilce will contain a full Grammarly review.

Grammarly has two plans- Free nad Premium. Though Free version can be a get way to start and enjoy the flavour of grammarly in writting but to get the full test and see the real power of grammarly you need to get the premium version for sure.

Grammarly’s premium service will help you to write with confidence. Writing is the best way to express your ideas. If you can speak well, you can write well. Grammarly can give you feedback on how you can improve your writing. It’s a great way to polish your writing skills. It does this by checking the quality of your writing. It looks at your grammar and word choice, and helps you to fix the mistakes.

The service is very convenient and easy to use. You can set up your own language and customize it as you wish. You will be able to access your account from any device. You don’t have to worry about missing anything as you can access everything from anywhere. Once you sign up, you will be able to save your writing. You can make changes and even edit your documents whenever you want. This will help you to stay focused on writing and avoid getting distracted.

Grammarly will even make sure that you follow the rules of writing. The software will analyze your writing and suggest possible solutions. If you think that you can’t improve, you can request for a manual revision. You will be able to access your feedback on a regular basis. The service has a great customer support system that you can call whenever you have a question.

Pricing of Grammarly

Choose your plan

Don’t just stop at the rules of grammar. Make a strategy to guarantee that all of your writing is well organized, interesting, and well-written.


Basic writing suggestions and expression detection
$ 00
Per Month
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Conciseness
  • Tone detection Item


Improvements of Clarity, vocabulary, and tone
$ 30
Per Month
  • Everything in Free
  • Full-sentence rewrites
  • Word choice
  • Tone suggestions
  • Plagiarism detection


Features for teams, organizations, and enterprises
$ 45
Per Month
  • Everything in Premium
  • Style guide
  • Snippets
  • Brand tones
  • List Item
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Account roles and permissions
  • SAML single sign-on

Free Version:

Under this, you are only allowed to access Basic writing suggestions. And as termed on the Grammarly website, this version, since it is not paid, is for basic day-to-day writing. Nothing is more complex as it is a casual writing version. It has the following benefits;

  • Conciseness of writing
  • Punctuation at the appropriate places.
  • Spelling checks.
  • And the most important of them all, Grammar check.

Premium Version:

The premium plan is for professional cases such as writing at your office at work or for students writing their long essays, thesis, etc. It addresses formalities required for writings meant for clients or colleagues at your office, and for students, it ensures that their written work is top-notch. This version is said to offer everything for free, as long as you have paid for it. The most endearing features include;

  • It makes sure that your write-up matches the level of formality required.
  • It offers advanced suggestions for your write-ups.
  • It ensures that your write-up maintains the fluency identified with the Pros of the English Language.
  • It gives you the right choice of words to use.
  • If you are looking to avoid plagiarism, this version also helps to have your write-up clean and unique.
  • When you intend to pass a message, it suggests the right tone for the right intentions.
pricing of grammarly

The premium plan is varied, and you can choose to pay at intervals or at once for a year. Let us delve deep into the details for clarity.

The Premium plan is divided into 

Individual Plan: 

This is for personal use, and it has three subscription plans, the Quarterly, the Annual Subscription, and the Monthly subscription.

A monthly subscription goes for $30 for 30 days period. And you get to enjoy all the benefits listed under the Premium version discussed above.

The Quarterly plan, the three-month plan, is on offer for $60 billed at the rate of $20 per month. You get to enjoy the same features as enumerated under the Premium version, but for a longer period and a lesser price compared to the Monthly period.

The Annual plan is $144 a year. It is at the rate of $12 per month. If you compare it with the Monthly and Quarterly plan, it is a money saver, since you will enjoy it for a long time. Plus, you are getting the same features across the board.

However, you might need it for only a short project, thus, it would not be economical to pay for a longer period. But you should explore the possibility as you get to make your communication effective over time.

Team plan: 

The team plan is for businesses that would want to have a larger number of people benefit from a single subscription. This plan is ideal for professional service providers. It offers a lesser price for 3 team members who log in to Grammarly and work at separate locations, yet enjoy the same benefits. The team plan is also called the Grammarly Business Plan. It is billed at the rate of $15 per team member per month. And it is on offer for a maximum of three team members. According to the Grammarly website, the billing is annual.


Grammarly for Education

grammarly student discount

Like Jstor, Grammarly for Education is for Institutions of learning or any district school looking for the enrollment of all their students on Grammarly. The way this work is that the school will pay for the service at a discounted rate, and the school will have unique log-in details particular to the school that only the students of that school will use to gain access to Grammarly and use its features. This offer is open for University faculties as well, and the discounted price as stated by Grammarly is a large volume.

If your school is looking to enrol in this plan, they have to fill out a form on the Grammarly website to get a quoted price.

Grammarly for Education has the following features:

A check for the plagiarism of all content
You have access to 24-hour 7 days week contact Support.
It gets you integrated into all devices you use daily.
It has a vocabulary enhancement tool.
It offers comprehensive suggestions for all your writing needs.

Grammarly Blog

Grammarly operates a blog where they post articles on English and writing generally. They discuss almost all the features of their plans as it relates to the English language. And you should check them out in your free time here.

Tech Blog


Grammarly has a Tech blog where articles are posted. They post topics on NLP and AWS.

Business Blog

This blog offers how Grammarly and correct English impacts your business with different case studies. They post articles as frequently as possible for your business, and you can check them out to get business tips.

Grammarly API

For Developers who build application software, Grammarly offers the opportunity to have the Grammarly Text Editor SDK to their line of codes so that when the application goes live, the Text Editor came become usable for users to edit their grammar and adopt the suggested test. If you are a Software Developer who is developing a website for a Blog or article writer, you should take hold of this opportunity by writing the Grammarly block of codes around your Textarea.

Grammar Check - How does Grammarly work?

grammarly grammar checker

For Grammarly to do its job, you have to type in the text into the Section box or text area provided on the Grammarly Platform. The text or writing must achieve a certain length before Grammarly is activated to do its job.

Grammarly will highlight your spelling errors and bring out the suggestion of the right words you intended. After you would have accepted the suggestion proffered by Grammarly, you should see on the right pane, that a text is the correct type of information (Correctness). If there are still spelling errors in your writing, the Correctness pane will have the number of words left to be corrected, for example, “1 left.”

Grammatical error is the next thing the platform will check in your writing. The process is similar to the one stated above for the Correctness and spelling checker.

Punctuation is as important in English as Grammar because what you are trying to communicate must have a starting point, a brief pause, and then a rest when you have passed across as small a sentence. The platform highlights and pops up a message saying the punctuation is not the right one to use at a particular point. In many cases, the platform will offer corrections to your writing by suggesting the best punctuation needed for a part of your sentences.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker review


Grammarly has a free plagiarism checker which helps your content from being a duplicate copy of someone’s else work. Grammarly is able to parse through almost 1 billion web pages to search for any plagiarism in your work. Furthermore, the paid version of the Plagiarism checker which is the Premium comes with the feature of having access to ProQuest Academic databases for all academic works.

Why is it important for you to use the Grammarly plagiarism checker? The first reason is that you don’t want your work to be accused of copyright infringements. And you do not want to be penalized for not having unique content. Thus, using the Grammarly plagiarism checker will make your content unique and strictly as meant and written by your thoughts, words, and writing.

The application flags content in your writing that it finds to be a copy of another’s work. And the link to the website the sentence was copied is provided as a reference. Then your percentage originality score is calculated for your perusal.

Essay Checker

Students and Faculties can use the Grammarly Essay Checker to make their essay appealing. It helps your essay to have a proper tone. Then it eliminates all spelling errors. The Essay Checker also helps refine your sentences, and in cases where they are not clear, it will provide a rewrite or rephrase for clarity’s sake. 

In addition, the Essay Checker is packed with vocabulary and synonym usage tools. Thus, you get the synonyms and vocabulary to communicate your thoughts as clearly and concisely as possible. When you have unintentionally written sentences that are copies of other people’s thoughts, the Essay Checker also helps you to address the issue.

Tone Detector

Effective communication and the ability to sound the way you should in a formal or informal situation is the key to building the right relationship at work, in school, and on the street. Grammarly Tone Detector helps you to communicate with confidence and say what you want to say just as you mean it.

Style Guide

As a Company, you would have a style that you use to communicate with clients and that used by team members. Grammarly Style guide allows you to set a style guide that members of your team can always have reference to when they write emails or draft contracts, among others.

It is imperative to have a consistent style as a brand. This is effective in ensuring that your clients know when they see a mail from you. They get to easily identify when an email is from you or someone else. 

With the Grammarly Style guide, you can save a plethora of words, phrases, and terms which is often used by your organization.

Setting a style guide is also helpful in helping team members avoid using common errors or jargon in the mail being sent outside of your organization.

The Grammarly Style guide is also dynamic as you can always change terms or add new ones to it as your company expands and as more words are being added to your communique on a case-by-case basis.

The important features that the Style Guide offers include;

  • It helps you draft emails that are effective in engaging your customers, as a marketing strategy.
  • To close out a deal, the Style guide helps you to draft compelling emails to your clients.
  • When in use the style guide will help you to respond to emails politely for the resolution of discrepancies.

Grammarly User Trust Guidelines

is grammarly safe?

Recognizing the importance of data privacy, Grammarly ensures the security of your data and information. Here is a glimpse of the user trust guidelines:

  1. Grammarly app either on desktop, browser, mobile device, and also the Developer version is only available to you when you log in or as it relates to using a website where the Developer has written Grammarly into the codes. Thus, the application only checks through the written words you offer to it. Grammarly cannot access your private writing except if you are using the App or pasting information into any of its versions.
  2. Grammarly is not active when you use sensitive and privileged platforms, such as when you enter the details of your credit card into a payment portal and the like. It is a form of privacy from Grammarly to ensure you are secured at all times. Thus, Grammarly does not run on sensitive information.
  3. You can access all information and data to your account at any time. But you will be prompted to log in to ensure you are the owner of the said account. However, if you delete your account, your information will be wiped out of the Grammarly server. This who use the Grammarly Text Editor also have access to the storage of all their previous works edited or typed on Grammarly. And you can always view this anytime you want to, but with your login details. It is noteworthy that you can delete these files at any time you want to. However, when you delete your account, all your previous work will be wiped out of the Grammarly server.
  4. User data is only restricted to privilege members of staff, whose work revolves around user data. And there is strict confidentiality by those who have access to your data. Hence you do not have to worry, as your information is protected by Grammarly always.
  5. All your write-ups are your copyright, and no matter the number of edits suggested by Grammarly to make your writings clear and more concise, they do not own the copyright. It resides in the user.
  6. Grammarly complies with all regulations regarding data protection policies. They include the guidelines set by the (GDPR) EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, the (CCPA) California Consumer Privacy Act, and the (HIPAA) Health Insurance Portability. They comply with other frameworks set down by other governmental agencies as it relates to privacy protection and regulations.

Different ways you can use Grammarly

There are different ways you can use Grammarly, but they all offer the same features across the board to ensure that no user benefits more than another. The only different thing is that these are different ways you can use the Application on different devices. Overall you will need an internet connection to use Grammarly across all platforms.

Grammarly Web Tool


Using the Grammarly Web Tool is similar to using Microsoft Word. If you have a document typed already somewhere, you can copy the content of that document, and come on the Grammarly Web Tool platform. Navigate and click on the “New” on the Tool and a blank page will be opened where you can paste your content. After you have pasted the content, the Grammarly Web Tool will automatically start its work of analyzing your content for all Grammar and English-related errors. The results should be available in a moment, you just have to exercise patience.

The other way you can use the Grammarly Web Tool without needing to copy and paste the content of your document is to click on “Upload” on the navigation menu rather than “New,” a command will pop up with the question as to the path you want to upload the document from. If your document is stored on your desktop or particular folder, you have to navigate through it and click on upload when the document you intend to upload is now visible. The same process used by Grammarly Web Tool to analyze your content when you clicked on “New” is also used here.

Furthermore, rather than going through these two ways, a third way is to directly type into the text area and Grammarly will parse and analyze your writing to give you the results.

Desktop Application

You require a MacOS or Windows to use the Grammarly Desktop Application. You need an internet connection and go to the download page. The application upon download will prompt you to install it. Follow the guidelines and you would have successfully installed the Application on your desktop.

The desktop version works the same way the Web tool works. Type directly, copy and paste or upload your documents.

Browser Extension

As with other browser extensions that you add to your browser, the Grammarly extension can be downloaded on any of your browsers and you just have to install it as you would other browser extensions. When the extension has been added, you can write and the Grammarly Browser Extension will check your spelling, grammar, tone, punctuation, and others the same way it works on Desktop and Web Tool. To get the Grammarly Browser extension for Chrome, all you need to do is get to your download manager and enter Grammarly for Chrome. Repeat the same process by using other browser names.

Grammarly Chrome extension

Phone Devices

For IOS and Android devices, Grammarly has a specialized keyboard that does the same job as other Grammarly Checker tools. But you will need to download and install it from your App and Play store to be eligible to use the Grammarly Keyboard tool for phone devices.

grammarly mobile

Ability to Customize Feedback to your taste

grammarly feature

It is a great feature available on Grammarly Premium subscription, which allows you to customize feedback to your writing needs.

Grammarly strives to ensure that its AI is as intelligent as a human. And that you can target a particular writing goal.

Here is how the feature works:

  • You can customize the Intent of your write-up to be Informative, Descriptive, or with the intent to convince or to tell a story.
  • You can set your Audience to be an expert or a General audience.
  • With Style, you can adjust your writing to either formal or informal write-ups.
  • Then there is the feedback set to target the Emotion of your write-up to be strong or mild.
  • Then what is your writing target Domain? If it is for business or academic purposes. Furthermore, you can set it to technical write-up.

Playing with this feature on Grammarly will assist its AI in determining the kind of issues they will flag as errors and what better suggestion they will bring tailored towards what your write-up seeks to address.

Delving deep into this setting, we can talk individually about each of them and what they serve to help you achieve.

  1. Tone: You can set your tone to help you appear to your audience as you want. Do you want to appear to them as being confident around the topic? Do you want to communicate with certain friendliness? You can adjust your settings accordingly.
  2. Audience: Knowing your target audience for each write-up is important so you can effectively communicate. You do not want to be blowing medical language for your audience with the knowledge of Banking. Thus, you can set your target audience to experts in a particular field, which they can understand, or you can set it to be a general audience, where almost everyone with Basic education can understand the purport of your write-up.
  3. Intent: Setting the intent of your writing is essential for Grammarly AI to understand and adjust your write-up towards either “Telling a Story,” “to describe,” or a write-up was written “to Inform,” or “to convince.”
  4. Domain: You can set your writing to target a business write-up or for creative purposes. You could also set it as a casual write-up. And lastly, address academics.
  5. Formality: Knowing when to be formal and when to be informal with your writing can help your paper, article, proposal, email, and thesis to stand out.
  6. Analytical: You can set the way you want your audience to receive your write-up.

Although the setting is not perfect, they offer beyond average all that a life coach will teach you in English and how to communicate effectively with your target audience.

Is paying Grammarly Premium worth it?

grammarly worth

The free Grammarly feature is helpful if you are a writer on a budget. It offers you the best a free Grammar checker can offer. Better than other free Grammar checkers. It will scrutinize your spelling and check for Grammar errors, punctuations among others. But free software is incomparable to paid versions because the paid version will offer you far more than you will get from the free version.

Premium Grammarly Subscription will check for advanced spelling errors, Grammar and even offer you better writing suggestions than the free version. There are also tips for improving your writing and feedback for any mistakes you might have made.

As a blog post writer, content writer, proofreader, and editor, you should always strive to offer the best job, and the Grammarly Premium account help to give your audience satisfaction.

Does Grammarly need to be Improved?

grammarly review

Although Grammarly is a great writing App to check for Grammar errors and Plagiarism, that does not mean it does not have a few limitations or drawbacks. We will be discussing some of the areas we think needs improvement.  

A Free Trial for its Premium Version: Yes, Grammarly offers a free version that does its work the way it should, but any free application will be limited in the job it can do. On Grammarly’s Homepage, you’ll notice the Free version side-by-side with the paid Premium version, and the features are different. What is on offer for the Premium Account is more compact than what you get when you use the free version. We believe Grammarly should offer writers or users, in general, a free trial to the Premium version so they can get to know what it does, how it does it, and the special offering that makes the Paid Premium better than the free version. This will go a long way to stimulate users’ appetite to subscribe to the Premium account. Since they would know it offers their writings outstanding quality than the free version will offer.
The $30 price for the Premium version: For the day-to-day writer who only needs a Grammar checker on the go, the $30 price tag for the Premium version is considered a bit high. Though Grammarly might have a justification for setting that price. We believe there should be a package targeted towards small freelance writers, who only need to check their work for Grammar errors and Plagiarism on the go, rather than paying $30 a month as would a corporate organization or large businesses. However, the problem would be, how do you determine who a freelance writer is and who should get a reduced price? And who will be unable to afford the $30? We recommend that as Grammarly offers 3 months at a reduced price for a team of 3, they should offer a similar 3-month subscription for writers who do freelance but for the price tag of $30 for the 3 months.
Grammarly is only available in English: We would love the Owners of Grammarly to explore the business development around having Grammarly in other languages, say French and Spanish. We understand that the English language is universal and the language of the web in most cases. But just offering their services to more languages would bring in a little more revenue to the Company and relief to those writers that are not English.
In terms of Accuracy: Yeah, the AI does a great job for Grammarly at reviewing write-ups and offering suggestions, but it lacks the thorough review a human would do. It goes with notice that there are suggestions by Grammarly that are not in tandem with your intentions behind sentence construction. In such a situation, you’ll have to reject Grammarly suggestions in place of what you intend in the first place. Well, that’s not so bad. We can say that Robots may be near to the effective human, but the human who designed them is always superior.

grammarly review

Premium Grammarly review

The premium version offers all the features the Free version has. However, Grammarly Premium goes beyond the free version when it comes to checking for punctuation, sentence construction, grammar, style of writing, and context-specific writing.

Its outstanding benefits are:

  • It helps you to write with the appropriate tone.
  • It helps to make your sentence to have a clear structure.
  • The Premium accounts help to address the repeated usage of words.
  • It helps to have your writing concise and brevity.
  • It tackles the use of insensitive language.

How is Grammarly Support?   

Every application that has humans as users should strive to have means by which the users can contact it for complaints, and errors, among other things. There is a search bar on the Grammarly Support page where you can post the issue you want to address. It is one of the easiest ways to resolve any issue before contacting support.  

There are some tailored issues that have been addressed on the support page that you can click on if you are experiencing that particular issue. They are; 

  • Problem signing into your account.
  • How you can cancel your subscription.
  • Grammarly’s product offerings.

If all of these do not address the problems you have, then you can send a request to contact support.  

What is our honest review of Grammarly?   


We have been reviewing all of Grammarly’s features, and it is time to offer our honest review of Grammarly.  

Grammarly is a good tool to have handy. For a writer of a short piece like a blog post or article. You get to have your write-ups reviewed, and you can still offer a good piece to your audience. It is good for writers who do not have the budget to subscribe to the Premium Grammarly account. 

Business organizations and schools that write books, essays, emails, and draft contracts, among others, should explore the Premium option as it offers more features than the free version. You get advanced suggestions and writing tips, styles that address the occasion you are writing for. 

Overall, Grammarly is the best Grammar checker out there, though we believe it can improve as we have highlighted above. If Grammarly is able to make use of these recommendations, we are of the opinion that it will win additional markets away from its competitors.  

Benefits of using Grammarly

Using Grammarly over the cause of time will benefit you as a writer. If you pay attention, you will notice that your writing style will improve. Under this heading, we will divide the benefits into the Free and then the Premium Version.

You derive the following benefits when you use the Free Grammarly account:

  • You get to check your spelling in the different English languages specific to countries. That is, American, Canadian, British and Australian English
  • The free version is available for your use on various devices and cross-platform.
  • It offers an explanation of how to improve a sentence, your style of writing, and the way each sentence should be structured.
  • It offers a real-time interface where you can type in your sentences, and Grammarly will review it every 10 seconds. You could also choose to have typed your documents out before using Grammarly, copy and paste the text into Grammarly for review, or upload your document to the platform for review.

These are some of the notable benefits we can think of at the moment of using the Grammarly Free version.

Grammarly Compared to other Grammar Checkers

You should know that Grammarly is not the only Grammar checker out there that a writer can use. They are other Grammar Checker applications that offer almost the same service that Grammarly offers, either with a slight difference in features or price. So, we will review other Grammar Checkers and how they compare to Grammarly based on their advantages and disadvantages. The three Grammar Checkers we will be reviewing are WhiteSmoke, Ginger, and ProWritingAid.

You should note that comparing these Grammar Checkers with Grammarly is based solely on what we can find on the web and user experiences. We are not subscribers to these applications, but we have used their free version from time to time. So, let’s get cracking, shall we?

whitesmoke alternatives


For WhiteSmoke, its advantages are as follows:

  • It is available across platforms and has browser extension features for those who would not have them downloaded on their devices. The browser extension is available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera Users. It is also available on Windows and MacOS.
  • When the subscription price tag is compared with Grammarly, a yearly subscription on WhiteSmoke goes for $79.99 per year, whereas Grammarly is $139.95 per year. Thus, WhiteSmoke is more cost-effective than Grammarly. However, the service rendered by each of them might be a major discrepancy that we cannot discuss at this time.
  • It offers its users templates to help them edit to suit tailored writing needs. Such templates are “Sorry Note,” a “Thank You,” template and a “Condolence” template. Such a good feature, don’t you think?
The only disadvantage of using WhiteSmoke compared with Grammarly is that it is not as advanced as it is. That is, it might not be very straightforward for those new to the application.
pro writting alternatives


The advantage of ProWritingAid when compared with Grammarly is that:

  • It goes beyond just checking your Grammar. It checks for overused words and phrases. It scrutinizes the style you use in writing each sentence and structure.
  • It is one of the closest to Grammarly compared with other Grammar Checkers.
  • It looks at the bigger picture of your writing. What do you aim to achieve with a piece of writing? Thus, it is a handy Grammar checker for those who are essay writers or those looking to write a book for publication.
  • In terms of price, it offers value for the money you pay. To subscribe to its Premium version, you pay $60 per year. It also has a Premium+ that goes for $70 per year. The Premium+ version comes with a Plagiarism Checker. When you compare the price and the package to what Grammarly offers, they beat Grammarly for having more packages available to their users, and at a reduced price for that matter. Grammarly only has a Premium subscription which costs $139.95 per year.

The main disadvantage when you compare it to Grammarly is that it does not have the advanced spelling and Grammar checker as Grammarly has. And it is not as user-friendly as an application should be, which makes Grammarly a better option.

They offer so many suggestions for your writing that you could easily get fed up with what to accept and reject. It might be worth it for those looking at a complex writing job such as writing a book or essay. It gets overwhelming for the everyday writer whose only writing needs are tailored toward writing a social media content post or article for a website and blog post.

It is not as simple as Grammarly is.

Furthermore, it is not as cross-platform as Grammarly. It only offers its features as a Chrome extension. It would not benefit someone who prefers using Safari, Firefox, or other browsers to access the web.

dinger alternatives


Ginger is the third Grammar Checker we will be comparing with Grammarly. In terms of its best features, it includes:

  • Like we have said above, where Grammarly needs to explore, Ginger offers a translator of text to other languages, and there are 60 languages on offer. It is a feature that beats Grammarly, hands down. Grammarly does not even come close to Ginger in this regard. Thus, it will be more appealing for writers looking to translate their website contents into other languages for better user engagement in other countries and languages worldwide.
  • It helps you have your unique register and dictionary, where the words, names, and jargon you use daily can be stored, and when you are writing again, rather than flagging them as errors, these words, phrases, and jargon would be accepted by Ginger as part of the sentence construction.
  • As stated initially, it is appealing to a writer looking to write in English, translate it to German, and have it checked for spelling and Grammar errors on Ginger.
  • On price, it costs $89.88 to what Grammarly costs in a year for subscribers. So overall it can be a good grammarly alternative

The major disadvantage Ginger compared to Grammarly, though it offers similar features to how Grammarly functions, is that it has an ugly user interface. And it might be complex for users to adapt to, especially on a first visit or first use.

Using it is very slow because you have to hover over some text to show you suggestions, not the way it pops up on Grammarly.

Additionally, it is not available for Mac desktop users as Grammarly has. Also, you cannot use it on Microsoft Word as you would have Grammarly activated on Microsoft Word to check your Grammar errors.

History Of GRAMMARLy

It was in July of 2009 that some group of great minds came together to found Grammarly. And their names are Alex Shevchenko, Dmytro Lider, and Max Lytvyn. 

history of grammarly

The Grammarly App was founded in 2009, to review grammar, spelling errors, Punctuation, Word Choice, Sentence construction, Clarity of the sentences, and Delivery of writing. Also, it checks for engagement of a written piece, whether it is engaging enough to catch the intended audience’s attention, and ensures that you do not use passive words where you should use active words.  

How does Grammarly work to achieve this? Well, the Application Software utilizes Artificial Intelligence to conduct searches on the replacement of words used in error, or sentence construction that do not conform to the basic rules of English.  

It was in July of 2009 that some group of great minds came together to found Grammarly. And their names are Alex Shevchenko, Dmytro Lider, and Max Lytvyn. The intention at the time it was found was to help students communicate effectively and help them check and correct their grammar on a paid subscription. But the vision became emboldened when they saw the need to extend it to other professional spheres. Grammarly has since thrived well, helping businesses communicate well, thereby minimizing any error that may result from human interaction.The application software is available across the board. It serves those on Windows and Mac. It offers support through browser extensions once you are logged in on that browser. Thus, when you type your email and use other applications that require you to type, Grammarly is there your communication assistant.Grammarly is available on mobile for users who use phones, and also as a web editor.With the need to offer more access to several people, for outreach purposes, Grammarly in 2015 introduced the free version to users who would be unable to pay. Though the free version comes with very limited features.Generally, Grammarly has a Free version and the Premium version. The Premium version is also the paid version.Breaking these two versions down to their features, let’s gleam through them one after the other.

Grammarly Affiliate

One fun thing about Grammarly is that it runs an affiliate program where you earn a morning to promote Grammarly. For every registration for the Grammarly Free Account, you earn $0.20, and for every Premium registration, the affiliate pays $20. You can visit the Grammarly Affiliate portal to get started.

Grammarly Pros and Cons

Grammarly pros and cons are well described in short bellow :

Pros & Cons

  • Good accuracy level
  • many tones of writing
  • Auto correction and suggession
  • Easy user interphase
  • No lifetime deal yet
  • quite expensive

final verdict

In summary, we have discussed Grammarly and how it was founded. We delved into the history and those behind the ideas. Then we talked about using Grammarly, the Free and the paid Premium versions. The Premium version is divided into the Individual and Business (Team) plans. Then we discussed Grammarly’s Education, its Blog, and Tech Blog, where articles are posted for users’ read and information. Apart from those, Grammarly also has a Business blog. 

We did not fail to mention the robot behind Grammarly, the AI that does most of our work in Grammarly. From thence, we had to know how Grammarly works to be eligible to use it. 

Grammarly offers a Plagiarism checker alongside the Grammar Checker, which makes it like a two-in-one for writers.

We also discussed how you could earn from the Grammarly affiliate. This review article reviewed Grammarly across platforms and how you can use them on any device.

If we had discussed all of the good packages Grammarly has without considering if it was worth it or paying for Grammarly Premium, it would have been an exercise in futility. But we did not stop at that. We had to suggest ways Grammarly can improve to serve its users and subscribers better.

The review would also not have been worth it if we had not compared how Grammarly fared with other Grammar Checkers. Then knowing that ensured we could see the benefits of using Grammarly. We rounded up the article on how you can contact Grammarly support if you encounter any issues when using or trying to use the application. We hope we have offered an honest review about Grammarly, and we hope you join us to review another software soon. See you around!

It was in July of 2009 that some group of great minds came together to found Grammarly. And their names are Alex Shevchenko, Dmytro Lider, and Max Lytvyn. 

The Grammarly App was founded in 2009 to review grammar, spelling errors, Punctuation, Word Choice, Sentence construction, Clarity of the sentences, and Delivery of writing. Also, it checks for engagement of a written piece, whether it is engaging enough to catch the intended audience’s attention, and ensures that you do not use passive words where you should use active words.  

How does Grammarly work to achieve this? Well, the Application Software utilizes Artificial Intelligence to conduct searches on replacing words used in error or sentence construction that do not conform to the basic rules of English.  

History of Grammarly   

It was in July of 2009 that some group of great minds came together to found Grammarly. And their names are Alex Shevchenko, Dmytro Lider, and Max Lytvyn. The intention at the time it was found was to help students communicate effectively and help them check and correct their grammar on a paid subscription. But the vision became emboldened when they saw the need to extend it to other professional spheres. Grammarly has since thrived well, helping businesses communicate well, thereby minimizing any error that may result from human interaction.

The application software is available across the board. It serves those on Windows and Mac. It offers support through browser extensions once you are logged in on that browser. Thus, when you type your email and use other applications that require you to type, Grammarly is your communication assistant.

Grammarly is available on mobile for phone users and as a web editor.With the need to offer more access to several people for outreach purposes, Grammarly 2015 introduced the free version to users who would be unable to pay. However, the free version comes with very limited features.

Generally, Grammarly has a Free version and the Premium version. The Premium version is also the paid version.Breaking these two versions down to their features, let’s gleam through them one after the other

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