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What is lead rocks?

Are you tired of generating leads to maximize your sales to another level? If you are searching for a substantial B2B contact database to increase your leads, this article is a perfect solution. Today we will talk about the LeadRocks tool, the extraordinarily affordable lead-generating platform that will populate your CRM or automation tools with increased data and make your tasks easier. In this article, we will discuss the pioneering lead-generating platform – Leadrocks. We will talk about the lead generation techniques of this excellent lead generation tool. We will also discuss the features, pricing, and lifetime deal in APPSUMO.

Leadrocks features

Leadrocks comes with  many features to facilate you with excellent quality leads which do work for your business. Some of the features are mentioned bellow

highly reliable bb contact database

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Easy to find leads

You can easily find leads in the one billion-contact database for your company which will guide and take your sales to another level. You’ll just have to follow some simple rules along with some tips and tricks. After signing in the LeadRocks tool, you will just need to search according to your desire in the search section. Many search categories include job title, company name or URL, country or city, industry location, and team size. You can use one filter or even a combination of multiple filters. The software will also suggest some filters, and you can also customize it for a precise search. After filling in the blocks in the search box, hit the search button to get the results. You will find a good number of people’s names, email addresses, locations, and other information to reach them with only a few clicks.

Extract emails from websites.

Email prospecting is an unavoidable part of lead generation techniques. Information and knowledge about your prospects’ contact information in one list are of great use to marketers and systems emphasising the company’s reputation and conversions. The onground real data might be from different sources depending on its capability of satisfying the impost targets. The more close and live data you have, the easier it is to achieve a target over the other competitors on the market. And you no longer have to rack your brain trying to make a lead list as there are many ways to collect emails from websites that are not time-consuming at all. Let’s look at the Leadrlocks that make this process so easy. Leadrocks will provide you with the email address of your prospects after analyzing the continuous verification data, the right of filters, and the seamless integration into companies’ workflow.
Linkedin data scrapping (email, company, name etc.)

Save your data, save your searches.

There are options in Leadrocks by which you can save all your previous searches and details for future use. You can keep this data as long as you need or export it to CSV format and use it in your CRM for automatic tools

Extremely user-friendly.

Leadrocks are a breeze to use for both experts and less experienced users. So no frustration will occur in the user experience. Leadrocks has a user-friendly dashboard with all the features mentioned in the dashboard, so you can easily access any of the feature units.

Fresh and authentic data

The data on the leadrocks will provide you is analyzed in a decent way covering the worldwide aspects according to their identity, industry, location and companies workflow with a high calibrated data accuracy. So you can undoubtedly try the leadrocks tool and assure coverage criteria benefits all over the world for your business.

Committed support

Leadrocks has an excellent support team, with which you can file a ticket 24/7. If you have any difficulties while using Leadrocks, the support team will be there to help you out. It might be about pricing, subscriptions, or anything else.


The data provided in the leadrocks originates from only official and legal sources. Leadrocks teams are working to ensure the data is accurate and that the provided data does not come from any unreliable legal sources.

Linkedin data scrapping (email, company, name etc.)

There are many tools on the market for data scrapping from LinkedIn, among which Leadrocks is a leading one. Leadrocks carries many LinkedIn accounts, which you want to go after. Within a few steps, you can get many LinkedIn email addresses for your companies. Leadrocks will allow you to specify the data report of people you are trying to find by a categorized filter.
By using multiple filters, it’s easy to narrow down the search results and get the most desired list of people. The data found in lead rocks can be uploaded to any other cloud-based automated tool and reached by the desired people, clients, or customers.

leadrocks pricing plans

Leadrocks has five different pricing plans for its users—free, starter, growth, professional, and enterprise. All the plans have different numbers of facility accesses. All of the plans are monthly packages. But the best choice is to buy the lifetime leadrocks deal from appsumo.

leadrocks lifetime deal (69$)

For a very limited time, APPSUMO offers a lifetime deal for Leadrocks for only 69$. Leadrocks lifetime deal includes the terms-

  • Lifetime access to the LeadRocks Growth plan
  • code(s) must be redeemed within 60 days of purchase
  • Future LeadRocks Plan updates will be included.
  • This lifetime deal is for a limited time.
  • There will be a 60-day money-back guarantee. Nothing will be asked.


  • Access to 100M+ database of B2B contact details
  • 5000 credits added to your account every month. One credit reveals all contact data of one person
  • Search by job title, company name or URL, location, industry, or team size
  • Enrichment of LinkedIn URLs with emails, phone numbers and additional info
  • Storage of contact information in LeadRocks lists
  • Export of found data and enriched records to a CSV
  • Online chat support. Free access to guides and webinars
  • Stack 1 add. code: Every additional code adds 5000 monthly credits

APPSUMO is offering a 10% discount on the first purchase for its customers. Again, you can get a 10% lifetime discount for all the tools you buy by becoming a plus member.


LeadRocks is wonderful for allowing you to avoid manual effort in lead generation, such as identifying people to contact and then saving their contacts in your database for future use and sales. It’s also a terrific way to grow your current contact list.
LeadRocks is a great tool for sales teams, and it may easily take the position of lead generation professionals. If you use Leadrocks for lead generation, you can save a lot of time on the first lead generation and convert a lead to sales.

Ratings :
@ Suzanne T.

It's undoubtedly among the most effective tools. The fact that this software provides accurate contact information is what I like about it the most.


Since it's the most evident benefit, I'd like to emphasize data accuracy. Most of the previous tools of this type were plagued by problems with out-of-date contacts. All are surpassed by LeadRocks. 5 stars.


LeadRocks helps us save a ton of time! It enables you to gather all of the discovered profiles into one file, 1000 at a time. It expedites the entire lead generation process for us. Finding work emails and expanding current bases are really helpful. With Sales Navigator, we combine it and achieve fantastic outcomes.

Leadrocks Lifetime Deal 69$
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