Onyx Boox Secures Top Spot as 2023’s Best Seller of E Ink Color Devices by E Ink Holdings


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Excitingly, Onyx Boox has won the title “Best Seller of E Ink Color Products in 2023.” E Ink Holdings awarded them the title. This accolade stands as a testament to Onyx Boox’s remarkable journey in the realm of E Ink devices and products, which began back in 2008. Over the past decade, this company has consistently launched many E Ink devices. At first, they focused on the domestic market but now serve the international audience with equal enthusiasm.

Onyx Boox is a major Chinese player. It is known for delivering high-quality E Ink devices to buyers worldwide. What sets their products apart is their commitment to breaking free from closed ecosystems. Unlike some competitors, such as Kindle or Kobo, Onyx Boox devices have an open Android system. It gives users unrestricted access to the apps they want through the Play Store.

Diversity is a hallmark of Onyx Boox’s product lineup, offering a range of E Ink devices, including e-readers and e-notes. Among their recent releases are the Note Air 3C and the Note Air 3. The Note Air 3C has a dazzling Kaleido 3 display. The Note Air 3 caters to budget-conscious buyers with its monochrome display. It has a respectable 227 PPI resolution.


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In a recent tweet, Onyx Boox said they are excited about being named the “Best Seller of E Ink Color Products in 2023” by E Ink Holdings. They thanked their loyal fans and partners for their unwavering support.


The Palma is another notable device from Onyx Boox, known for its smartphone-like dimensions. However, it’s important to note that the Palma is strictly an e-reader and not a smartphone. Additionally, Onyx Boox offers other popular devices like the Poke5 and the Page e-reader.

For those seeking E Ink Android tablets, Onyx Boox has an enticing array to choose from. The lineup includes the Tab X and the Tab Ultra range, featuring models like the Tab Ultra C Pro, Tab Ultra C, and the Tab Ultra. Moreover, for users favoring a more compact form factor, the Tab Mini C is also available.

Within the Boox Note series of tablets, you’ll find the Note Air 3C, the Note Air 3, and the Note Air 2 series, catering to diverse preferences and needs.

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Onyx Boox’s getting the “Best Seller of E Ink Color Products in 2023” award from E Ink Holdings shows their commitment. They deliver great E Ink devices to a global audience. They also provide the freedom of an open Android system. This achievement honors their dedication. It also signals a bright future for E Ink fans worldwide.


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